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Did you ever try to still the mind

(Awakening the spine V. Scaravelli)

If we can end the swing of thought collected by memories in the past, and the ones that have been shaped through fantasy and projected by imagination into the future, we will find silence.

Invite silence, welcome silence, and slowly silence will become part of you.

In that silence we will be able to receive hints of intuitions and sparks of perceptions from which creativity can arise.

In yoga the participation of the brain/mind in the functioning of the body during the asana is indispensable, as the brain/mind has to watch and follow each movement of the body.

This connection of the brain/mind to the action of the body is a fundamental part of this teaching.

The adherence to and contact with what is going on in the present moment is a healthy state of awareness. And the communion with nature around us, or with any other human being or situation, is part of our existence.

When the unnecessary struggle of “becoming” stops, one “is” and the immature grasping along the ladder of ambition disappear.