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My mission is to offer my students the opportunity to become aware of their own body and explore it as far as they feel comfortable, then to become aware of their breathing.

About me

I live in Reading with my daughter. I have worked in the fitness industry all my adult life, experiencing the different phases the body/mind goes through as life flows along its remarkable journey.

My personal approach towards body/mind has changed from the casual way of the past to the wisdom of the present; learning to listen to the body, going with it and not against it, avoiding all effort or strain and centring the attention on sensations arising from the body.

Getting older myself and working with the older population has helped me see the fitness world from a different perspective, and to see my students as individuals with different needs and unique body constitutions.

I embraced the Yoga path, gaining my first qualification in Feb 2013 with the British school of yoga. I later met Diane Long (a Vanda Scaravelli student) in a workshop and this encouraged me to explore at a deeper level the yoga path and I started learning with Swami Ambikananda at the Traditional Toga Association, qualifying in September 2018.

Relevant qualifications

  • August 2009 Body Balance with Les Mills
  • February 2013 Yoga with The British School of yoga.
  • November 2014 BarreConcept (a Combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet)
  • March 2016 Pilates mat work Level3 with Drummond Education
  • April 2016 Otago (falls prevention) with Laterlifetraining.
  • September 2018 Yoga with the Traditional Yoga Association
  • July 2023 Prenatal Yoga with Birthlight 
  • Senior Teacher Training with Traditional Yoga Association in progress


  • Balens Liability Insurance: Indemnity limit £10 millions       
  • First Aid for appointed person
  • British Red Cross certificate Current and renewed every 3 year
  • Traditional Yoga Association
  • America Yoga Alliance
  • Cimspa



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