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Beginners are welcome

Always listen to what your body tells you

I advise you to bring your own mat, a blanket and a bottle of drinking water to the class. Dress comfortably.

Yoga classes begin with a centring and then flows into breathing techniques, warm-ups, postures and/or vinyasas (flows of postures). The class ends with several minutes of shavasana (relaxation) and breathing.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have before or after the class.

You may stop and watch the class if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Please, never go to a place of pain, but do allow yourself to feel stretch and sensation.
Let go of comparing yourself to others; release your self-judgment. Do not force yourself to be flexible or strong; both will come in time.

Be patient.

Enjoy and breathe.

Be aware of the movement of energy through your body. In challenging poses ~ postures ~ visualise your energy body moving into the shape you want your physical body to achieve. Rather than focusing on what is wrong in each posture, appreciate your ability to enter the poses at your own level. Postures are tools for exploring yourself, not goals that you are trying to achieve.